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Here is the school code of conduct.BHSParentStudentHandbook20192010REV.pdf
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ATTN: Brad Burget/Swimming

25100 Fairmount Blvd.

Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Training group descriptions and fees:


The Beachwood Bison Swim Program would offer a variety of training groups and swim lessons ranging from beginner to Masters. We will offer a full swim lessons program for beginning swimmers though adults which will introduce basis swimming mechanics. These programs will be offered on a 3-6 week period throughout the year.


Our training programs will vary in intensity, amount of training time, the meet participation expectations, and the amount of additional dryland training that will be provided. When a swimmer registers for the season, the swimmers group would be determined by an evaluation process which be conducted in August/September and possibly March by the coaching staff. Movement to a more advanced group will only occur at the coaches’ discretion based upon skills improvement, attendance and commitment to the sport of swimming. There will be a swimmer to coaching ratio for each group of 1 to 15 depending on level and abilities of groups. The beginning levels will have a lower coach to swimmer ratio. If there are any parent concerns please contact Brad to discuss. I will do my best to resolve the issue and help each swimmer!

There will be a break between seasons for all training groups.


Levels 1-2
Tuesday and Thursday (Sept/Oct - May). Summer team options available June - July. Times posted on teams "practice schedule" page. There is a break March to Mid April.

Levels 3
Monday - Thursday (Sept/Oct - July).   There will be 3 practices offered each week and subject to change based on the seasons. Times are posted on the teams "practice schedule" page. There is a break March to Mid April.

Levels 4-5  (Sept - August)
Monday - Thursday/Friday all year with a possible weekend option fall/winter depending on scheduled dryland/lifting or recovery practices as announced. Practices phase into a full schedule at the beginning of each season and taper off during the seasonal breaks. Times are posted on the teams "practice schedule" page. Seasonal breaks depend on meets swimmers qualify but basically Aug/Sept and March/April.

FEES and priority of memberships:

Team deposits for current members 3/30/20.
$25 late fee will be applied after 4/7/20.
Team fees paid in full by 8/1/20.

TEAM DEPOSITS FOR CURRENT MEMBERS ARE DUE BY MARCH 30TH PRIOR TO THE FOLLOWING FALL. example: Current members team fees due 3/30/20 for the 2020-2021 swim season. A $25 late fee will be added to team deposits paid after 4/7/20.


(First swimmer in top group when calculating fees)

Additional Sibling Swimmers - 10% off Training fee.

Please begin your payment plan by paying the $200 admin fee plus your swimmers monthly level charge. Your credit/debit card will be charged monthly for the length of each agreement.
Level 1 $200 plus $71.56 for 8 months
Level 2 $200 plus $84.44 for 8 months
Level 3 $200 plus $93.30 for 10 months
Level 4 $200 plus $119.05 for 10 months
Level 5 $200 plus $139.60 for 10 months

A $15 entry fee surcharge will be assessed to each swimmer for each meet
they enter plus each event. There will be an entry fee escrow account created for each swimmer to cover the cost of all competitions. Once you commit to the meet you are responsible for all meet fees whether you attend or not. If your swimmer causes a relay to be scratched by not attending the meet or leaving early you will be billed for the whole relay expense. All swimmers must check in with coaches before leaving meets.


Bison Swim Club Payment Arrangements & Guidelines

Effective with the 2010/11 Season the following will apply with respect to

payment of fees related to Beachwood Bison swimming.

* A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due before registration/evaluation. This deposit will be applied to your training fees. This will reserved a spot for the individual to be on the team.         The first $200 of payments made in full or by a payment plan will be considered the non-refundable deposit.

 Bison Refund Policy:
Refunds are only offered if approved after July of the current swim season.
Refunds of fees paid and the release of your financial commitment is generally not available once the fall season has begun.  Moving out of town - 100% refund of the remaining pro-rata portion of the season's fees based on the remaining full months of the swim season of financial commitment (fall/winter/spring, summer) minus the non-refundable deposit and administrative fees.
You must provide your new address after moving as your refund check will be mailed to your new address.

Medical reasons (injury, serious illness) as supported by a doctor's excuse - 100% refund of the remaining pro-rata portion of the season's fees based on the pr
ior to calculating any refund, all amounts owed to the club must be paid in full minus the non-refundable deposit and the administrative fees. (ie. entry fees, etc.)

You are committing to a one year contract with the Beachwood Bison Swim Club. If refunds are granted by the Parents Advisory Board they will be processed at the end of the 12 month swim season. This agreement is the same as a gym membership whether you attend all practices offered or not.

If a swimmer or parent is removed from the team due to code of conduct or "unreasonable disputes" no refunds will be granted. If a family or swimmer decides to join another swim team before the year ends then no refund will be granted. The Parents Advisory Board may review any issues at the end of the 12 month season.

Meet Requirements/Sign-ups

Levels 3-5 must compete during the season as described in each training group below inclusive of championships.

Meet commitment forms are located on the meet page prior to each season or emailed to the team via mass emails. Deadlines for the commitment form and meets are posted. MEET DEADLINES ARE FINAL.

Meet escrow balances must have sufficient funds prior to the meet deadline or a swimmer will not be entered in a meet. Please plan for approximately $40 per meet. 

Once you commit to a meet your swimmer will be entered by the coaching staff and you are committed financially for the meet. All events are chosen by the coaches. Be prepared to have your swimmers qualify to Championships at the end of the seasons on either relays or individually.  Top relays will be posted in January and updated every meet. All relays will be swum fastest four.


Team Policies

This will be spelled out as season unfolds. Basically be on time for practices and meet warm ups. The coach will have the right to sit the swimmer out of meets or practices if necessary.

The first part of the meet and practices are very important for all swimmers as we prepare your swimmer mentally and physically for training or competition. This is essential!

Each swimmer must check with coaches at meets about swimming relays before leaving.

If you leave and are entered on a relay you will be charged for the whole event.

Every High School age swimmer will be required to purchase, read and tested over materials from the book on mechanics, training and race strategies.

The Beachwood City Schools Code of Conduct will be the standard for swimmers and parents. The link is provided on the registration form which at the top of this page. 


Training Groups

Team Deposit - $200

Level 1
This group is designed for the beginning swimmer who is ready to move beyond basic swim lessons. Swimmers must demonstrate Pre-Team lessons skills.  Learn-to-Swim 
Practices will emphasize instruction of competitive swimming language and practice expectations of all four strokes through drills and fun water activities. Starts and turns will be taught with small amounts of endurance training.
Suggested Age Range: 5-8 year olds
Schedule/Frequency: 2 days per week.
 Meets: Appropriate level meets strongly encouraged.
Cost: Fall/Winter/Spring, $550
Plus $200 Reg/Admin fee.

Level 2
This group is designed for the emerging competitive swimmer that has the knowledge and ability to compete in 25-50 yards of each of the four competitive strokes.
Practices will emphasize instruction on all four strokes through drills. While this group is mainly instructional, it will consist of a small amount of interval training and endurance work.

Suggested Age Range: 6-8 year olds
Schedule/Frequency: 2 days per week.
Meets: Appropriate level meets strongly encouraged.
Cost: Fall/Winter/Spring, $650
Plus $200 Reg/Admin fee.

Level 3
This group is designed for the competitive swimmer. Practices emphasize competitive stroke technique, starts and turns and an understanding of the pace
clock. There is increased focus on conditioning and endurance work. Regular attendance at practice and participation in local and out-of-town meets is required.
Suggested Age Range: 8 - 12 +/-
Schedule/Frequency: 3-4 days per week. Desired Minimum Attendance 3 practices with a minimum of 60% required to maintain spot on team.
Meets: 3-4 per season, plus the highest-level championship meet the swimmer qualifies.
Cost: Full Year: $900
Plus $200 Reg/Admin fee

Level 4
Swimmers in this group have a higher level of competitive swimming experience. Practices emphasize drill and stroke technique refinement as well as an increased endurance conditioning. Dryland training is introduced along with goal setting and an understanding of time standards. Meet goals are Lake Erie championship meets and Zone competitions.
Suggested Age Range: 11- 14 (Basically Middle School)
Schedule/Frequency: Up to 6 days per week including Dryland 1-2 times per week. Desired Minimum Attendance: 4-6 practices per week with a minimum of 70% required to maintain spot on team.
Meets: 3-5 per season, plus the highest-level championship meet the swimmer qualifies.
Cost: Full Year: Middle School/High School students - $1,150 
Plus $200 Reg/Admin fee
Non-BHS residents pay an additional $450 plus and Non-BMS residents pay an additional $225.

Level 5
This group is comprised of the more skilled and experienced swimmers ages 13-18 (Basically High School). Endurance, speed, and perfection of stroke mechanics are expected at this level. Goal setting and race strategy are also developed. Total commitment to all aspects of swimming is expected in this group therefore, it is expected that each swimmer make a full year commitment. Dryland training is required and a key component. Swimmers in this group are striving to maximize their age group abilities. A strong commitment to attendance, practice efforts, and meet
participation is desired. Meet goals are, Zones, Sectionals, High School
District and States.
Suggested Age Range: 13-18
Schedule/Frequency: Up to 6 per week including Dryland 1-2 times per week.
Desired Minimum Attendance: 4-5 practices per week with a minimum of 85% required to maintain spot on team.
Meets: 5-10 per year, plus the highest-level championship meet the swimmer qualifies.
Cost: Middle School/High School students-$1,350
Plus $200 Reg/Admin fee
Non-BHS residents pay an additional $450 plus and Non-BMS residents pay an additional $225.

National Team
This group is designed for our most competitive swimmers and has mandatory minimum attendance requirements at pool and dry land workouts. Swimmers in this group are highly competitive High School swimmers and have achieved Sectional cuts. They are striving to achieve Junior National, Senior National and Olympic trial qualification times. They are expected to attend the highest championship meet for which they qualify. Practices stress advanced conditioning, technique refinement, and preparation for high school and collegiate championship competition. Suggested Age Range: 14+
Schedule/Frequency: Up to 11 times per week.
Desired Minimum Attendance: 80% Meets: Per commitment agreement

Fall Conditioning
This group is for swimmers whose goal is to make the Beachwood High School/Middle School swim teams. The focus of practice is conditioning and stroke mechanics. Training will be for six (6) weeks and practices will stress technique refinement. Regular attendance at practices is desired.                   
Suggested Age Range: 12-18
Schedule/Frequency: Up to 4 Days per week for 6 weeks.
Desired Minimum Attendance: 3-4 practices per week
Meets: Not required but highly suggested.
Cost $250 for 6 -8 weeks. Fee adjusted if more weeks desired.
Reg/Admin will apply if you intend to swim USA meets or join the club.


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